Thomas J. Coleman III, MS, is a PhD Candidate in Miguel Farias’s Brain, Belief, & Behavior Laboratory at Coventry University, UK. He is also an Associate Editor for The Religious Studies Project, and Assistant Editor for the journals Secularism & Nonreligion and Secular Studies. He has co-edited journal special issues on the psychology of nonreligion for Science, Religion & Culture and Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, as well as a special issue of Contemporary Pragmatism on scientific approaches to understanding and explaining religious beliefs.

With his many wonderful co-authors, Coleman’s publications span articles and book chapters covering methodology, quantitative analyses, and qualitative investigations of religious and nonreligious individuals (download them for free on his personal website). His research and interests are eclectic, blending disparate strands of scholarship from qualitative research, experimental methods, philosophy of science, evolutionary psychology, and anything else that catches his fancy.

Thomas J. Coleman III died suddenly in December 2021.