Paweł Łowicki, Phd, is a cognitive psychologist interested in religion and spirituality. He finished his Ph.D. studies at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw in September 2020 and is soon to defend his dissertation on cognitive and socio-emotional correlates of religiosity. In 2019 he was a visiting research fellow at Duke University (USA) working under the supervision of Dr. Patty Van Cappellen. He is currently employed as a Research Associate at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw.

He is a recipient of several awards, including the doctoral scholarship by the National Science Centre in Poland and the scholarship for outstanding young researchers awarded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He is a Principal Investigator in the research project “Cognitive and socio-emotional correlates of religiosity – the role of mentalization and empathy” funded by the National Science Centre in Poland.

Along with his co-authors, he published several papers investigating the psychological foundations of religiosity and belief in God. He is intrigued to establish what kind of personal characteristics predispose people to believe (or not) and what consequences belief may have for human psychology. In his research, he combines classical psychological methods and theory with insights from the interdisciplinary field of the cognitive science of religion (CSR). In his free time, he likes to travel, watch movies, and write poetry.