Malwina is Konrad Talmont’s student doing a Masters ( University of Białystok, Charles University in Prague), after a degree in Cognitive Science (University of Białystok, Universidade de Évora), and is interested in social learning and cumulative cultural evolution. In her thesis she had wanted to use a version of Christine A. Caldwell’s methodology that involved building LEGO structures. However, Covid-19 has made it impossible to carry out studies with groups of the size that this method calls for. Instead, Malwina decided to conduct an online study. Twelve groups of ten people will participate in the task via the Internet. The task is to fill a row of 9 squares with any colour of the rainbow. Each colour and combination scores a different number of points. The participant’s task is to create the highest-scoring variation. Each subject has 15 trials. Then the two best results are passed on to the next person. Best practice sharing is the same as in the Caldwell study. Additionally, Malwina wants to investigate whether the sex of the predecessor will influence the answers of the respondent.